Cameron Forecourt are the best in the business, I’m genuinely pleased with the work they did for us to a very high standard and at a fair price, which is so rare these days. Their engineers are a credit to them” Kevin Bennetts founder and MD of independent Cornish based fuel distributors Consols Oils Ltd.

When a problem with underground pipework supplying the retail pumps at the St Day depot was suspected, Kevin had no hesitation in deciding who could help. Cameron Forecourt was the natural choice to urgently survey the entire system and advise on improvements required to update the busy forecourt.


Founded in 1986 Consols Oils fuel distribution site and equipment had been operating well, thanks to the long standing service and maintenance contract held with Cameron Forecourt. The local Cameron Forecourt engineer; Brian Finnegan, had attended the site for many years, so he knew the equipment well. Brian was quick to act when corrosion was detected in below ground pipework and immediately called upon Cameron Forecourt’s specialist installation team to remedy the situation. Consols Oils is fully committed to ensuring its activities have minimal impact on the environment, so Kevin did not hesitate to give the works the go ahead: Kevin stated,

“Our policy achieved by liaison with the authorities, is to constantly monitor and wherever possible improve our management on waste and pollution issues.” He continued, “As a responsible company the thought of an oil leak affecting our local environment is horrendous.”


Cameron Forecourt’s answer to the corroded pipework problem was not just to replace it, but redesign and introduce an above ground pipework system where future maintenance and quality inspections can be carried out with ease. Kevin was very happy with the new pipework layout, which involved relocating the fuel pumps. Consols Oils was pleased with how quickly the work was undertaken, Kevin commented:

“The work got underway very quickly from me authorising the costs. The installation team planned the work to ensure we could keep the site up and running during the installation, so the work didn’t have an impact on our customers or service delivery.”

Cameron Forecourt’s service engineer had also advised it would be a good time to replace the existing fuel pumps and so three new C Series W&M/MID approved fuel pumps were also installed. Kevin reflects on this wise decision at the time by evaluating the demand for commercial fuel oil:

“The big supermarkets have forced the closure of the smaller forecourts in our area. For a while businesses used fuel cards, but then; as usual, the prices were hiked and so local trade started to increase for us again, regular customers enjoy the advantage of our credit terms. I’m more than happy to meet that demand and feel well equipped with the new set of pumps in place, indeed trade has markedly improved recently.”

In addition to this Cameron Forecourt provide a 12 months’ onsite warranty, to cover the equipment. Cameron Forecourt’s Warranty includes a preventive maintenance visit during the initial 12 months of operation. Lynne McLoughlin; Cameron Forecourt’s Service Desk Supervisor, points out that servicing is always carried out by Cameron Forecourt’s own directly employed service staff, whether the customer has a comprehensive contract or not.

Cameron Forecourt looks forward to continuing the relationship with Consols Oils ,but Brian; the local engineer, believes the site is now running so well he won’t be attending to repairs for quite some time!