Jack Tighe’s roots are secured in speed and movement and they have secured that reputation for their vehicle refuelling needs with the installation of a new Alpha diesel fuel pump to fuel their Kirton based vehicle fleet.

Being one of the UK’s largest industrial & decorative painting contractors serving amongst others the MOD, rail and infrastructure industries, Jack Tighe is subject to regular auditing by the UK’s safety standard authorities. During an inspection it was highlighted that the reclassification of diesel fuel has changed regulators’ advice on the safe dispensing of diesel fuels and that ATEX approved fuel pumps for diesel dispensing were now available.

Philip Wood, the Engineering Director, did not hesitate to make changes and took on the task of finding a suitable replacement diesel pump and service provider. Philip found Cameron Forecourt by a web search and felt that he had found the right people to help him having seen their guidance paper on the reclassification of diesel fuel, which appears on Cameron Forecourt’s ‘UseFuel Information’ section of their web site. After a no obligation consultation with Clive Brewerton, Cameron Forecourt’s Major Account Manager, it was decided the Alpha was the best fit for Jack Tighe’s needs.

The Alpha was chosen for many of its features, not just because it was ATEX approved.

“Accuracy was high on the list of priorities,” Philip explains. “With the old pump we knew the tank levels and pump delivery data was not reconciling properly for some time. Eventually we realised it was a calibration accuracy issue and it was very pleasing to see the Alpha had an accuracy of +/- 0.5%.”

Considering the number of vehicles to be fuelled daily, with 1500 litres of diesel every week, Clive advised that the Alpha fuel pump had models that provide both 50 and 70 litres per minute flow rates. It was quickly agreed that the 70 litres per minute option would speed up the refuelling process for the larger vehicles, but still be suitable for the business’s car fleet.

Those key features combined with the enduring history of the Alpha’s reputation as a resilient, reliable and robust commercial fuel pump, made a perfect fit for Jack Tighe’s operations.

On the installation day itself, Philip Wood was impressed with the steady work undertaken by Cameron Forecourt’s installation team. Philip pointed out,

“It was a wet, windy and miserable day, but the team turned up on time and installed the pump efficiently. The job was all complete within a few hours and we have been very happy ever since.”

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