The bus and coach market demanded an automated Fuelling Management System and the chaps at Jigsaw Fuel Management answered the call.

Together with Cameron Forecourt providing the installation and setup, there is a new innovation for bus and coach depots.
An alternative second sentence: In collaboration with Cameron Forecourt, who install and commission Jigsaw’s fuel management systems throughout Great Britain, Jigsaw Fuel Management have created an innovative solution to over-come some of the problems associated with traditional commercial vehicle and bus fuelling systems.

TELETAG provides a hands-free, automated, fuel pump control solution completely removing the need for fobs, cards or manual data entry to identify vehicles.

Each vehicle is fitted with a passive, long range RFID tag. As the vehicle draws up to the pump, the tag is read, the vehicle identified and if the tag meets the required criterial then the pump is turned on.

The TeleTag Reader can be augmented by fitting a Jigsaw Fuel Guard unit to the vehicle so that the mileage is automatically transferred to the system, giving in a completely hands-free fuelling ID system.
Alternatively, if the vehicle has a telematics system fitted, then the Jigsaw server can be linked to the telematics server; via the internet, to automatically recover the vehicle mileage. No additional hardware needs installing to the vehicle.

Some of the benefits include:

• All nozzle types accommodated including fast fill and non-spill – TeleTag was developed as existing nozzle based ID technology wouldn’t work on fast fill!
• Simple operation – from the fueller’s point of view, just lift the nozzle and fuel.
• Speeds up the fuelling process – no ID or mileage to enter.
• Vehicle identification only – low per vehicle cost.
• Fueller identified automatically.
• Vehicle ID permanently fixed to the vehicle – no room for vehicle misidentification.
• Logged and unlogged fueller modes supported (log on at start of shift or ID with each fuelling)
• Auto ID only and Auto ID with mileage capture may be mixed in same fleet as required.

Operation is very simple as Martyn Gent; Sales Director at Cameron Forecourt explains:

1. At the start of the shift, the fuTELETAG FUNCTIONAL DIAGRAMeller presents his personal yellow RFID tag to the FMS (Fuel Monitoring System) Terminal to log himself onto the system, this is confirmed by a yellow light on the user Interface.

2. A vehicle pulls into the fuelling lane and stops. The blue vehicle mounted tag is detected by the UHF tag reader, a red light on the user interface indicates that the system has detected the vehicle.

3. The vehicle ID number is passed to the FMS, this sends out a radio transmission to the OBD (onboard vehicle device) which in turn confirms the presence of the vehicle, that it is stationary and returns the current vehicle mileage.

4. The FMS Terminal validates the vehicle details, checking fuel limits, product restriction etc. and then authorises all required pumps. A green light on the user interface indicates that the pump is running and the vehicle is ready to fuel.

5. When the fuelling is complete, the transaction data is sent in real time to Jigsaw’s website and is immediately available to the depot manager for reporting through his web browser.

6. At the end of the shift the fueller presses the ‘END’ button on the FMS to log off.

The system will be officially launched at the Coach and Bus show at the NEC on the 4th and 5th of October where there will be live demonstrations of the system. You can meet with the Cameron Forecourt and Jigsaw team on stand M41