The team here are renowned for being at the forefront of fuel management technology and here is your guarantee that they will never stop. The latest software updates not only keep this technology ahead of other packages on the market but propel it into the future.

Cameron Forecourt, the UK’s leading commercial fuelling providers have been maintaining the market leading Jigsaw fuel management systems for over 10 years spanning fuelling operations in aggregate, rail, marina, aviation, road haulage, bus, coach and road fleet including emergency service vehicles. With thousands of satisfied customers operating the largest fleets in the UK it’s important to them they continue to add value and functionality to the equipment and services provided.

There are many enhancements – some behind the scenes and some more obvious to the user – but they are all available to the 1000’s of existing fuel management users worldwide at no extra charge. Several of the enhancements have been made at the request of end users and we encourage users to get in touch to suggest projects for the next update.

As an example, EasyFuel Customers requested the ability to allow the user to change the nozzle pack ID through the web service – this function has been added. Another user asked that they add a fuel grade filter on the transaction editor – that has also been added in this update.

Amongst many enhancements, one of the most impressive is the improvement to vehicle analysis, which now has a second tab showing vehicle analysis tiles- the most useful of which allows the user to correct bad mileages entered onto the system. The user can use the swarm graph to quickly monitor the entire fleet for poor MPG performance. and any vehicles showing odd MPG’S can be selected with the click of a mouse and their details will be shown. The system will then quickly identify which mileages should be changed and even suggests what value the driver SHOULD have entered. This function is unique to the Jigsaw system.

In addition to these enhancements, we have responded to the customer demand of a new Accounts Package. This is a major addition for sites that want to bill for fuel used such as marinas and airports. The system can now generate a complete VAT invoice with all the sellers and buyers company details on them. This addition is optional however and only holds a very small annual fee of £50.

So, if you are one of the 1000’s of existing customers using Fuel Management maintained by Cameron Forecourt, rest assured the creators of this innovative technology will continue to develop and listen to you ensuring this Fuel management system will remain dynamic and evolving to meet the demands of modern-day commercial refuelling.