Part 2 of Keith’s journey tells of his training so far, the high’s, lows and monies pledged.

Keith started with walks to the pub and undertook a personal assessment to see how well prepared he was for the challenge. The answer…not too bad.

“I walked home from Leeds. 32.28 miles in 8 hours 18 minutes. It all went well, although I am well aware that it was less than half the distance of the IOW challenge. I have learned the benefit of making sure I break my walking shoes in though. Blisters meant that I couldn’t carry on the next day as planned.”
So, I’m hobbling around a bit now. Overall I was quite pleased, but it does demonstrate how hard the challenge will be.
His fundraising efforts then got some good news.
“One of my ex work colleagues, John Smith, asked that any money which was collected from other staff when he left last month be donated via my just giving page, rather than be used to buy him a gift. A really kind gesture, thanks John.”

This took his total to £544 meaning he has now raised over a quarter of his targeted funds.
Keith continued his training in New York with his wife Pam offering some wise words of support,

“Enjoy your walk in New York today. Walk, stop, cross road, walk, stop, cross road……………….. It might teach you to slow down though. You’ll never walk 66 miles at the same rate as 10!”

Keith did enjoy his walks in New York and had this to say about one in particular,

“It isn’t on the list of things to do for tourists, but walking along Broadway for the length on Manhattan island (from 231st St in The Bronx) certainly shows you the city from all angles. Unfortunately, the app on my phone stopped running for a while so I can’t say how long it was, but just under 15 miles I think. Time for some food.”

He continued his training on returning to the UK but is realistic about the festive season and the challenges that can bring but will be starting training properly in February next year to compensate, so until then it will be just a few 10+ mile walks to keep things ticking over.
Keith’s total fundraising to date is £566 so there is still some work to be done to get to his £2000 target. If you would like to donate just text KJIW99 followed by an amount to 70070.
Keep going Keith and don’t eat too many Mince Pies!