So as Keith edges closer to the big event with little over a month to prepare, has he done enough to prepare for the Isle of White Challenge to walk the 65.86 miles required in just 24 hours?

His 2017 training got off to a slow start with absolutely no effort until 1st February, tut tut Keith! However, he did rack up a speedy 10 miles walking the long way home from work on the 1st and again on the 4th, so it’s a start but a snail pace considering the small distance’s in comparison to the Challenge of over 65 miles.
To ramp up the training his next 10 miles was undertaken with a large weighted back pack…in the snow. He did manage this in just over 2.5 hours and pronounced, ‘I deserve my pint.’ That’s fine Keith but make sure it’s just the one, you don’t want to be undoing all the good work now.
Keith then ramped up the training one step further by committing to a training program where he would rack up the miles per week,

‘My training plan involves two walks a week, one of 10 miles during the week and another at the weekend, building up to about 40 miles a couple of weeks before the event.’

He grumbled,

‘As I can’t control the weather on the day, I dec

ided that I will have to do my training walks whatever the weather. This meant I ended up doing 20 miles in the rain on Saturday.’

Almost three weeks into his 2017 training, a change of scenery was needed to revitalise the chap, so he packed up the family and took off to Saltaire and racked up another 10 miles in just over 2.5 hours. This walk did give him time to reflect on the challenge and what little distance he had been training with so far stating, ‘

A rather sobering thought is that in my 6 training walks so far, over two and a half weeks, I have now only just travelled the distance that I will have to cover in one day in April.’

Just when Keith was at a lower point in his motivation, he encountered an uncontrollable dog out walking with its owner and had to fend it off, luckily it was nothing a trip to the pub wouldn’t fix.
Then a turn around, Keith undertook a full 25 mile walk in just 6 hours and 16 minutes, it seems there is life in the old dog yet, on reviewing this training session Keith remained realistic,

‘Despite my grumbling that was a really nice walk. The weather wasn’t bad and I even took my coat off after the first hour. Still walking too quick and had to slow down a bit at the end because my knee was playing up a bit. Gonna do a shorter one next weekend and then 30 miles the following one.’

That’s the spirit Keith!
True to his word the following weekend on the 12th March Keith racked up 31 miles and it seemed the powers that be were in his favour as the weather was that good he didn’t need a jacket most of the way.
There is still time to sponsor Keith’s and donate to his chosen charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, visiting

Macmillan Cancer Support state, ‘When you have cancer, you don’t just worry about what will happen to your body, you worry about what will happen to your life. Whether it’s concerns about who you can talk to, planning for the extra costs or what to do about work, at Macmillan we understand how a cancer diagnosis can take over everything.’
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Dig deep people, Keith is pushing himself to the limit for this worthy cause, now push yourself to spare a few pounds and pause for thought.