For Fuelling Matters’ first anniversary edition we have decided to profile one of our front line chaps, Mr Graham McAlister. Graham Mcalister Van Racking

Graham is a Service Engineer based in the north of the UK assisting in covering a patch of the land that stretches as far north as Edinburgh and south as Peterborough right the way from east to west coast. He has been a Service Engineer at Cameron Forecourt for just four years making him one of the newer kids on the block but don’t let that fool you, Graham is just about one of the most eager engineers you could come across!
His main task on a daily basis is undertaking routine service visits including calibration checks and repairs. These can be under planned routine maintenance or reactive emergency calls.
Coming from a strong mechanical engineering background his skills have been honed on a vast array of machines including cars and washing machines before turning his hand to fuelling equipment and it seems he has found his flow. He is still surprised by the level of support he receives within Cameron Forecourt, with a pool of technical knowledge, guidance and even moral support offered he knows he can pick up the phone for advice anytime and quite often does. The comradery in the company means he is always learning and never has a chance to find the work repetitive or stagnant.
Lynne, the Operation Desk Supervisor is the person he speaks to most frequently and she will always lend him an understanding ear if he has had a long day. He even refers to her as his second mum although thinks she would prefer to be referred to an aunt.

‘No two days are the same adventure. I’m constantly learning and love the opportunity to gain more knowledge on every site, on every job and for every customer.’

He added …

‘The best part of the work by far is walking on to an emergency call out job, seeing the 100 plus vehicles waiting for refuelling and being the Transport Manager’s last hope. The pressure is on but I will not walk away until they are back on the road and open for business. The instant feedback is the only encouragement I need to go and do it all over again for the next job.’

Despite only working with Cameron Forecourt for four years he has noticed a steady growth in the company even when the economy in general seemed to be on its knees. Notably the growth of staff in many areas of the business and in turn the acquisition of more nationwide service contracts has made him feel proud to represent the brand.
He commented,

‘I have been excited to see the company picking up pace with new customers and staff, I look forward to the future with Cameron Forecourt’

In his spare time Graham dresses somewhat like a yellow canary as he is an avid road cyclist. With his recently purchased lightweight carbon frame bicycle he is a whizz on the tarmac and regularly racks up 30 miles in a normal training session. Next year he intends to undertake a long distance charity bike ride with some of his buddies so watch this space for his next challenge.
He is currently reading pump and gauge manuals from his extremely tidy van. His keen eye for perfection means he often refers to the book on most machines to keep his knowledge up to scratch.
If you see him out buy him a drink of….Bacardi and Coke. Graham is not a big drinker due to spending many nights in his younger days working the doors of nightclubs where he saw enough there to put him off drinking for life!