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Cameron Forecourt has the perfect team of technology for all your fuel stock management site scenarios. The tank gauging and fuel monitoring solutions can harmonise the control and management of your fuelling activities at all your locations across the country or even the world.
By harmonising probably the world’s most accurate fuel tank gauging systems by Gilbarco Veeder Root, with the homegrown expertise of the latest fuel management systems by Jigsaw M2M; including the Eclipse/Nova and Tank Guard, Cameron Forecourt is able to provide the ultimate fuel stock management solution even with the most challenging of site layout. Teaming up these three technologies leaps the bounds of normal convention, overcoming the problems of location, distance and time in managing your commercial fuel storage and fuel usage, wherever it is and whatever time it is.
Lenham Storage Ltd. needed this triple approach of accurate tank gauging facilitated by the unique Tank Guard, along with a superior fuel management solution to manage all of their fuel data in real time on any computer screen, at anytime.
Lenham have two sites in the south, Andover and Maidstone. They operate a specialised food-grade storage and distribution network with a daily nationwide service. Lenham was formed over 70 years ago and have built their reputation and business on a reliable and quality delivery service. It is this demanding service; that requires total control over all of their operations, this need led them to choose the Cameron Forecourt’s triple approach to their fuel management needs. Running out of fuel is not an option.
Lenham first started using Cameron Forecourt to handle its fuelling equipment maintenance needs when Matt Richards became the Commercial Director. Matt was familiar with the services and equipment provided by Cameron Forecourt from a previous position with another major haulage company where the Eclipse fuel management system was already being used. Matt was happy with its performance and the control that the system gave his team over fuelling operations. So when it became time to upgrade at Lenham he had no doubt as to which system and people he trusted.
The Eclipse was installed in 2014 at both locations; Andover and Maidstone. Utilising the Eclipse’s remote GPRS feature and associated web based applications, Lenham staff can monitor the fuel pumps and tanks at either site, in real time, on any internet connected computer or mobile device, from anywhere in the world.
Following the installation of the Eclipse system it was recognised that ultimate control was possible by integrating the Eclipse with tank gauges to enable tank stock reconciliation. This presented a specific challenge though, at Maidstone the bulk storage tank was located some 150 metres from the fuel pumps. Traditionally the only reliable solution would be to dig across the yard to install a cable and connect the tank gauge to the Eclipse terminal, an expensive and disruptive operation.
Cameron Forecourt’s Southern Account Manager; Clive Brewerton, had the perfect solution, the TLS electronic tank gauging system linked into Jigsaw’s cloud based fuel management applications using the Tank Guard system. Clive explains,

“The TLS system is a world class tank gauge, offering extremely accurate fuel level
measuring with temperature compensation and water detection. When combined with Tank Guard, the gauge becomes integrated with Jigsaw’s advanced fuel monitoring system software, providing real time tank level readings that are immediately available for fuel reporting and management.”

Clive continues,

“By merging fuel throughput; recovered from the pumps by the Eclipse terminal, with the tank stock data from Tank Guard, fuel stock can be reconciled. In addition the system can monitor for alarm conditions such as unauthorised use and sudden stock level changes and despatch an alert by email and even SMS. The clever aspect of this is that the tank is located at such a distance from the fuel pumps that we couldn’t have provided this level of stock management without Tank Guard.”

The Eclipse fuel management system has a particular feature that benefits Lenham’s Fleet Manager; Steve Emsley who noted,

“Managing a fleet of approximately 140 vehicles, I find the new Vehicle Efficiency widget on the reporting site very useful as I closely follow each vehicle’s MPG, if one vehicle sits on the high side it triggers me to take a closer look.” He added,
“I’ve worked with different systems previously and by comparison the Eclipse is extremely stable and therefore reliable.”

Lenham Storage trust all of their vehicle refuelling equipment needs to Cameron Forecourt.