The C Series with Integrated Jigsaw Eclipse Fuel Management

C-Series commercial pumps and dispensers provide the ultimate in commercial fuelling equipment for heavy duty environments where speed of fuelling and reliability are vital. From large fleet garages, truck stops, marinas or small airfield environments, the C-Series commercial range provides a robust, accurate and visually attractive fuelling solution.

All C-Series pumps are built to the highest specification from long-lasting stainless steel and incorporate the latest technology. These C-Series commercial pumps are available in either mono or twin models and in three speeds – 45, 70 and 90 LPM.

Low long-term cost of ownership is an integral consideration in the design of the C-Series range as is speed of fuelling and reliability – vital to commercial fuel operators.

Pump features include
• Second side display
• Stainless steel under-pump plinth
• Galvanised under-pump stool
• GRP under-pump sump
• Built-in hose retriever
• High hose option
• Standard outlet
• Inline safety breaks ¾” – 1”
• Stage Two vapour recovery
• Marine grade stainless steel panels available
• Aviation hoses available
• Avgas suitable conversions available
• Front-loading nozzle (mono only)

The integrated Jigsaw fuel management head – The Jigsaw Eclipse – has been approved at the National Physical Laboratory in London for the resale of fuel. The system is approved to the soon to be obsolete UK Weights and Measures standard as well as the latest Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) pan European standard. The system has been approved for operation with or without a receipt printer to give the best fit for your operation.
The Jigsaw Eclipse has probably the most access device options available on any fuel management system.

• Large, 4 Line Backlit LCD Display
• Secure Multi-Tumbler Locking System
• Choice of RFID Tag, Dallas Key, Nozzle Based, Bar Code, Fuel Guard or Fuel Card Vehicle/User ID
• Reliable, Alpha Numeric, Non-Membrane Keypad
• Stainless Steel Enclosure for long life
• Optional Integrated Receipt Printer
• Secure Quad Band Data Communications
• Dual Backup, Non-Volatile Internal Data Store
• Full Suite of Management functions accessed through PIN pass worded tag
• When Interfaced to a tank gauge system, the Eclipse can detect and report on sudden rises or falls in fuel stock, automatically detecting deliveries or highlighting possible theft.
Together these two systems create the perfect solution for your refuelling site.

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