Fuelling the test of time

Armstrong Massey are just about to renew their service contract with fuelling equipment service provider Cameron Forecourt, for the 25th consecutive year.

Armstrong Massey have operated in Driffield since 1974, moving to the current location in October 1995. Since 1992 Cameron Forecourt has been by their side, providing a complete package of services to the thriving family owned business, specialising in 4×4 vehicle sales. As well as selling vehicles, Armstrong Massy run a service and MOT facility and convenience retail store/petrol forecourt which has become a focal point for locals.
Over the years, Cameron Forecourt has maintained their four twin Schlumberger fuel pumps and Veeder Root TLS350 tank gauging system. In addition, Cameron Forecourt undertakes periodic vapor recovery checks and tank inspections.
John Musgrave has been the site manager at the Driffield location for 15 years. On joining the Armstrong Massey Group, John reviewed the services provided by Cameron Forecourt, assessed that the contract met their needs and renewed it. Since then John has found no reason to terminate the contract and has continued to renew it every year for the last 15.

John explains, “It’s never entered my head to part ways with Cameron Forecourt; they always provide a reliable service; the girls on the phones are very helpful; I know they will look after us when we are in a bind. If it was a bad service I would not hesitate to look elsewhere.”

John then identified a benefit of the service contract.

“Stuart, the Northern Service Manager has been exceptionally helpful beyond expectations when helping us out technically a few times over the years, not just physically repairing and servicing the fuel pumps.”

Karen Walmsley, Cameron Forecourt’s Service Contract coordinator, believes the site receives excellent value for money which she considers to be a factor in the retention of this account.

“Armstrong Massey hold a Comprehensive Service & Maintenance Contract which includes all necessary engineer travel time, labour and materials to maintain the equipment in good order throughout the 12-month contract period, provided that the fault is not a result of damage to the equipment.”

Cameron Forecourt Service Desk Supervisor; Lynne Mcloughlin, was asked why she thought that customers such as Armstrong Massey are so loyal to the company?

“The personal touch is the secret ingredient in the long life of this and any contract. I believe people want more than an anonymous response on the phone, I’ve never met John Musgrave in person, but I always enjoy chatting with him and he actually feels like an old friend.”

Northern Service Manager; Stuart Ward, talks about his relationship with John and others at Armstrong Massey over the years

“It’s always a pleasure to go their garage because of the people, John and Gary. I tend to go to whatever lengths are required. I remember years ago; a unique problem was found with the fuel pump and through research with the overseas manufacturer I found that there was no solution other than to modify the multiplex boards. Thanks to the fabulous skilled technicians in our electronics workshop the modifications were quickly made and the fault has not arisen again. This fault is not something we have come across since. A unique solution is sometimes the only one and a close understanding of the customer’s business and problems is vital.”

Cameron Forecourt Service Engineer; Graham McAlister, enjoys attending Armstrong Massey’s site. Graham quickly explains that

“John always puts the kettle on”! Graham continues, “taking time on a customer’s site is promoted at Cameron Forecourt. Personal relationships with customers is important. It always helps to have a better understanding of the customer’s equipment and installation to help effectively and efficiently identify and deal with issues.”

By understanding the customer better Graham believes that he can foresee some potential issues arising before they become problematic.

“Just recently we had a few occasions where the fuel delivery driver experienced problems with cracked extension necks on the tank fill pipework. While we were waiting for parts to be fabricated, I made sure that I was in attendance for each delivery to ensure that there were no spillages and they received their fuel stock safely.”

Cameron Forecourt maintains a flexible approach to providing service and maintenance facilities to suit the needs of our many customers. Whether the requirement is for a fully comprehensive service contract to cover all vehicle refuelling equipment or just an ad-hoc call to undertake a simple pump repair, Cameron Forecourt can provide the solution.
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