Five years ago, Peak Oil added another facet to their jewel of services when they made the decision to provide their customers with an unmanned fuelling payment facility, giving their customers and the public round the clock self-service fuelling.

Cameron Forecourt supplied and installed a specialist resale equipment package consisting of two C-Series fuel pumps and a stand-alone card payment terminal at Peak Oil’s Chesterfield main depot. Peak Oil had had a small demand from their customers to provide 24-hour fuelling and so they thought why not? Since then fuel throughput has tripled in volume as word quickly spread to both commercial and domestic vehicle operators.


Mick Dodd the Sales Representative for Peak Oil points out the benefits.

“With our outdoor payment system, you can avoid in-store queues which may occur at other petrol stations. You can pay directly by credit/debit card or through a Peak Oil account card, at our pin enabled terminals. We always aim to keep competitive pricing at the nozzle, whilst offering the highest quality fuel. You can find our 24/7 forecourt on Foxwood Road, Sheepbridge, Chesterfield.”

Mick goes on to explain what Peak Oils is offering in terms of fuel oil products on their forecourt.

“Pump one dispenses Red Diesel; also known as Gas Oil, for use in agriculture, construction, quarrying, forestry and shipping. Pump 2 dispenses Super Diesel; also known as Derv, which may be used in any diesel engine. The payment terminal is conveniently located between the two pumps. You simply insert your card, choose a spending limit, enter your pin, select the required fuel pump, draw fuel and collect the receipt.”

Domestic car users are less familiar with automated payment terminals and Peak Oils have placed simple instructions on their website and at the fuel pumps themselves, making the process as simple as possible.
Security has also never been a problem, there have been no incidents of theft or missing fuel in 5 years. The site is well lit and is located at the front gates of Peak Oil’s busy oil depot. This secure arrangement leaves customers feeling safe even when fuelling late at night. Peak Oil have never really had to promote or advertise this service, the forecourt is mentioned in their general promotional literature marketing but most custom arrived through word of mouth.

Mick looks back at the installation of the equipment in 2012.

“When the forecourt was first installed we did have a learning curve with it being a slightly new venture for us, but Cameron Forecourt undertook the installation with confident ability. The installation team were very positive and quickly responded to any concerns we had, ensuring that we received 100% support. Cameron Forecourt’s Service and Maintenance team continue to support the equipment and provide a preventative visit annually.”

Peak Oil is a family owned and managed fuel distribution company serving domestic, agricultural, commercial and haulage markets. Operating from depots in Chesterfield and Belper, they provide a wide range of services including emergency oil deliveries and an online shop.

Cameron Forecourt will be demonstrating an unmanned payment terminal integrated into a C-Series fuel pump at the FPS exhibition in Liverpool on the 19th and 20th April. Come along and meet us where you can see a compact version of Peak Oil’s equipment up close, you can register to attend for free here