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Product Focus

Every quarter we focus our attention to a different product or service used heavily in the world of commercial refuelling.

We aim to remove the typical manufacturers industry jargon and simply sum up the genuine benefits and suitability of that piece of equipment or service product for you. With an aim of giving you a better idea as to whether or not you want to go ahead with requesting a quote or purchasing that product at this moment in time.

Fuelling Matters Newsletter Issue 10 OUT TODAY!

  A personal message from the Managing Director of Cameron Forecourt, Barry Jenner, the Supplier Spotlight is shone to dp Tanks, Aggregate Industries fuel the house build boom and a very merry Christmas from the team! Fuelling Matters Public Issue 10 PDF Download  

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The C Series with Integrated Jigsaw Eclipse Fuel Management

C-Series commercial pumps and dispensers provide the ultimate in commercial fuelling equipment for heavy duty environments where speed of fuelling and reliability are vital. From large fleet garages, truck stops, marinas or small airfield environments, the C-Series commercial range provides a robust, accurate and visually attractive fuelling solution. All C-Series pumps are built to the highest specification from long-lasting stainless steel and incorporate the latest technology. These C-Series commercial pumps are available in either mono or twin models and in three speeds – 45, 70 and 90 LPM. Low long-term cost of ownership is an integral consideration in the design of the C-Series range as is speed of fuelling and reliability – vital to commercial fuel operators. Pump features include • Second side display • Stainless steel under-pump plinth • Galvanised under-pump stool • GRP under-pump sump • Built-in hose retriever • High hose option • Standard [...]

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The bus and coach market demanded an automated Fuelling Management System and the chaps at Jigsaw Fuel Management answered the call. Together with Cameron Forecourt providing the installation and setup, there is a new innovation for bus and coach depots. An alternative second sentence: In collaboration with Cameron Forecourt, who install and commission Jigsaw’s fuel management systems throughout Great Britain, Jigsaw Fuel Management have created an innovative solution to over-come some of the problems associated with traditional commercial vehicle and bus fuelling systems. TELETAG provides a hands-free, automated, fuel pump control solution completely removing the need for fobs, cards or manual data entry to identify vehicles. Each vehicle is fitted with a passive, long range RFID tag. As the vehicle draws up to the pump, the tag is read, the vehicle identified and if the tag meets the required criterial then the pump is turned on. The [...]

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Service and Maintenance

Cameron Forecourt's range of service and maintenance products. Cameron Forecourt has always prided itself on the quality of its service contracts but in order that it maintains its focus on continuous improvement it has taken the opportunity to review the whole process of delivering service contract cover to its customers. Managing Director; Barry Jenner, explains, “My background and training was in aeronautics, where service and maintenance is of critical importance,” he continues,“ whilst poorly maintained fuelling equipment might not present the same safety risk that is does to an aircraft, there’s no doubt that faulty equipment can be inconvenient and costly to an operator.” Cameron Forecourt provides many service products, from an ad-hoc site attendance call to deal with a fault through preventive maintenance only contracts to fully comprehensive service contracts. Cameron Forecourt’s contracts can also include activities such as electrical testing, tank and pipework tightness testing, [...]

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